Firm Launches to Grow P3 Market

[WASHINGTON, DC]—THINKP3, a boutique consulting firm based in Washington, DC, opened for business officially today with a unique approach to help grow the U.S. public-private partnership, or P3, marketplace.

THINKP3’s exclusive focus will be on the policy, politics and communications of public-private partnerships of all types. The firm’s president, Marshall Macomber, says he believes the nationwide P3 market will grow faster if elected officials and key stakeholders better understand P3s:

“We want people to ‘think P3.’ Day to day that means our exclusive focus will be helping elected leaders, the media and taxpayers better understand what P3s are, and how they work. We believe it is that understanding that will create opportunities for our clients.”

Macomber says there is a growing consensus among industry leaders, government officials and think tanks about the need for P3 education and engagement. Highlighting a report in just one of many P3 sectors, transportation, he noted the Eno Center for Transportation said:

 “The potential for public opposition—either to a particular project or to the use of P3s in general—is one of the most significant barriers to any proposed P3. The impact of such opposition, in terms of its ability to delay, complicate, or thwart projects, cannot be underestimated.” –Eno Center for Transportation report, April 29, 2014

THINKP3 focuses on public-private partnerships of all types, from agriculture, energy, healthcare and homeland security to national defense, transportation and water. Its goal is to be the premier source of P3 strategy and communications in Washington, DC and across the U.S. To learn more, visit